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The Cigar Authority Bids Farewell to a Member of the Podcast

In a shocking turn of events, The Cigar Authority (TCA), the renowned cigar podcast, is mourning the departure of yet another stalwart from its ranks. It has been six years since the departure of Gentleman Chuck Morrison, and now, once again, the show must go on as they bid farewell to Barry Stein, a member of The Cigar Authority team. No Barry is not dead, he is just dead to us.   Barry Stein first […]

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House Committee Passes HR 2339 But Was It Really A Win?

First, let me state this article is 100% the opinion of Barry. It is being typed from my fingers. Yesterday, HR 2339 passed the committee vote by a vote of 28-24 and some people are calling this a win for the cigar industry. It is, to a degree, because it appears cigars are getting an exemption. However, that exemption is only being offered to a select few brands as they appear on the shelf at […]

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