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NY Cigar Shops Need Our Help!

The New York Tobacconists Association will be holding its first annual Stogathon, a fundraising event to benefit the organization’s legislative initiatives in Albany. The cigar dinner will take place Tuesday, July 24 at…

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Tres Reynas = 3 Queens Collaboration from Quesadas & García

There’s a cigar being made which will be a collaboration between the Quesada and García families. Sisters, Patricia and Raquel Quesada are the daughters of Manual Quesada, owner of the brand Fonseca among others. They have attached their names with Janny Garcia who is the daughter of Pepin Garcia, owner of Don Pepin/My Father Cigars. The name of the cigar will be…

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4th of July Weekend Smokes

This weekend is the 4th of July Weekend…or is it? It falls on a Wednesday this year which makes it confusing to me, would it be before or after the 4th. The week “End” would be after right? I don’t know for sure, but what I do know is what cigars I will be lighting up for both weekends. First will be…

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These Beatles don’t want to hold your hand…they eat cigars

The summer is here and it’s getting hot…you might be able to bear through it but your cigar can’t and shouldn’t. You know that your cigars should be kept at 70% humidity, actually between 60% and 72% is just fine. But you also know that your cigars should be kept at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or less right?

It will be tough to keep your humidity down to 70% if the temperature goes much above 70 degrees, it’s relative to the temperature and the temperature is relative to the humidity. But soggy over humidified cigars are not all you will get…

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