Day 4 IPCPR 2019: Skip Martin of RoMaCraft Tobac

It the last day of IPCPR 2019 which is scheduled to run half a day. It’s been a crazy time in Vegas this year with a lot of great after parties.

We catch up with a slightly hoarse Skip Martin from RoMaCraft Tobac who briefly tells us what to expect from Baka, a  Cameroon wrapper cigar that should come out Fall/Winter 2019.

It’s a cigar that will eventually be released in 7 sizes, but Skip tells us which two will come out first.

Baka Pygmy – 4 x 46
Baka Bantu – 4 x 52
Baka Ota Benga – 4 1/2 x 60
Baka Poki – 5 x 50
Baka Acephalous – 5 x 56
Baka Jengi 5 3/4 x 46
Baka Hunter Gatherer – 6 x 54