INCH = 64/64th of an inch across

Ernesto Carrillo helped pioneer the big ring gauge trend 15 years ago, and with the INCH Series, they’re aiming to set the new standard for flavor in big ring gauges.

The INCH Series will initially come in 3 sizes – 60, 62, and 64 ring gauge – and two wrapper varieties: Natural (Ecuador Sumatra) and Maduro (Connecticut Broadleaf).Each inch will retail from $8 – $10 per cigar. 

The signature size of the line and inspiration for the name is the 64 ring gauge.  One ring gauge equals  1/64th of an inch so the 64 ring gauge is exacly one inch across in thickness…thus the name INCH!

The thickness of these smokes will be highlighted by the cigar band – modeled after an antique ruler.

The INCH Series will be a regular-production line, but due to the limited availability of the filler leaves in the blend, we will only be producing around 100,000-125,000 cigars in 2012.

The big ring trend continues…had enough yet?












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