IPCPR 2014: Epic Cigars

I’ve seen Epic Cigars around, but to be honest they are a brand I know little about. Sow when Mr. Jonathan sent me this video I had to look them up.

According to the website,

With passion for a good cigar and a memorable smoke, and with many years of experience of this enjoyment, Dean Parsons, founded and trademarked Epic Cigars in 2010.

Epic Cigars use only the finest cigar blenders with decades of Cigar making experience. We incorporate the highest quality tobaccos available from the Dominican Republic and around the tobacco-world in our premium cigar blends.

After months of choosing tobaccos, months of proper aging and blending, Epic Cigars launched in 2012.

“You deserve a cigar worthy of your achievements.”
                                                           – Dean Parsons

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