IPCPR 2014: La Hoja Cigars

This one brought a smile to my face as Mr. Jonathan found his way to La Hoja. The Florida rep Jose Garcia, originally from New Jersey was someone I considered a friend in Miami. He was someone who understood my rough New York exterior and knew it was just a front to get a rise out of people. He understood that the city I grew up in, New York, gave you a chip on your shoulder.

A lot of people in the industry don’t understand me, they see me as rough and opinionated. A product of my environment that I am slowly growing out of. While I might be opinionated to a fault, those who know me, know that I am all about the industry that drives this website, cigars.

Willy Flores took a few minutes as day three came to a close in Las Vegas to tell us about his 3 lines.

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