IPCPR 2016: Aging Room – As Cuban As You Can Get

Lately, Rafael Nodal of Aging Room Cigars has enjoyed a lot of success. His cigars are constantly rated highly in the blogosphere as well as some of the major cigar publications such as Cigar Journal who ranked La Boheme #11 in their 2015 Cigar Countdown.

This year Rafael Nodal’s Boutique Blends has 4 different cigars coming out including two under the Oliveros branding and two under Aging Room.

Here Rafael Nodal takes the time to tell about Oliveros Gran Retorno, Aging Room Pelo de Oro, Oliveros All-Stars and Aging Room Solera.

One of these cigars is as Cuban as it gets according to Rafael to be sure to watch the video below.

The Cigar Authority 2016 IPCPR Coverage is sponsored by 2guyscigars.com.

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