IPCPR 2016: Nick Perdomo Discusses New 2016 Releases

A long time friend of our own David Garofalo, Nick Perdomo is a man of style and class. On top of being a great friend he happens to produce some of the best cigars available today. With classics such as the Perdomo 10th Anniversary, 20th Anniversay and  Lot 23 the company maintains a presence in many cigar shops around the country.

Recently the company hit home runs with the Perdomo Special Craft Series and Habano Bourbon Barrel Aged. Perdomo also makes Garofalo, for the aforementioned David Garofalo.

This year, the company is unveiling the Perdomo Estate Selection Vintage and Nick Perdomo took some time to tell us about this new cigar.

The 2016 IPCPR Coverage is sponsored by 2guyscigars.com

Perdomo2 Perdomo4


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