IPCPR 2018 – La Galera Cubes From Indian Head

Jochy Blanco has been growing tobacco in the Dominican for a long time, but you may not of heard of him until 2 years ago when he launched Indian Head Cigars and the brand La Galera. He went from behind the scenes where he grew some of the best Dominican tobacco to the front lines of selling great cigars. So much so that we named La Galera Connecticut the Cigar of the Year two years ago.

The Cubes are only available to retailers who attend ICPCR.

Connecticut “Shorts”
The Cubes Connecticut selection is a 46 x 4, Hemingway perfecto stick

Habano “Supremo”
The cubes Habano selection is a 56 x 4, Petit Figurado stick

Maduro “Gavillero”
The cubes Maduro selection will be a Perfecto Largo shape 48 x 6 ¾ stick

1936 Box Pressed “Rounds”
The cubes 1936 Box pressed will be a round pyramid shape 52 x 6 ¾ stick.

If you are interested in trying La Galera check out: https://www.2guyscigars.com/la-galera-cigars/

David Garofalo shows us the new cigars with Jochy Blanco and Oscar..

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