Jose Dominguez Gordito Maduro Cigar Review


It’s Saturday and another episode of The Cigar Authority is in the can, giggity. This week we featured the 2nd cigar from the May Care Package, and it’s the Jose Dominguez Maduro. So grab yourself a donut and the cigar as we share our thoughts here on The Cigar Authority.

Cigar Review: Jose Dominguez
Size: 5 x 50 (Gordito / Robusto)
Wrapper: Maduro (Dominican Republic)
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Strength: Medium

The Look: The presentation of the Jose Dominguez gives the cigar a luxury appearance. Featuring a cedar sleeve with a blue ribbon, the Jose Dominguez has a band of gold powder, blue and back. The Maduro wrapper has some natural coloring changes giving it a slightly brindle appearance. The roll is flawless and there is a nice about of oils present. In the hand the cigar is firm with a well packed foot.

The Notes: Using a straight cut, the cigar reveals notes that reminds me of a cold pop tart with some saltiness and sweetness thrown in for good measure while the foot of the cigar serves up some earth notes and a touch of cedar.

Smoking our way through the first third reveals notes revealed a well-defined note of marshmallows with a hint of chocolate and wood. Through the nose there is a mix of black pepper, and coffee with an abundance of sugar. The flavors are hearty and the cigar is satisfying.

As we move into the second third of the cigar the sweetness begins to fade away and a note that reminds me of the charred edge of a steak begin to develop and by the halfway point it becomes the focal point as a creaminess remains in the background. Through the nose some spice and floral notes develop with a moderate finish.

The last third of the Jose Dominguez Maduro sees the dominant note transition into espresso, with a touch of leather and wood. Through the nose remains notes of spice and nuts. The finish is long in length and very chewy if the makes sense; because I am not sure if that translates what I am experiencing.

The Finish: Jose Dominguez isn’t an everyday name in the cigar industry unless you listen to our podcast on a regular basis. Which is a shame because some of the cigars coming from his factory are outstanding. If you like a stronger cigar with a long finish, you might just want to pick up a 5 pack of these.

Score: 90
Price: $5.89 each / $99.99 a Box

Jose Dominguez Maduro

Jose Dominguez Maduro

Jose Dominguez Maduro Burn

Jose Dominguez Maduro Burn

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