How To Play Cigar Horseshoes

Cigar Horseshoes

  1. What you need:
    • A horseshoe pit or a 40’+ long area and
    • 2-4’ Inch and a half PVC Pipe cut square on both ends (if you don’t have a Horseshoe pit use 2-3 1/2’ traffic cones
    • 2-12oz beer or soda bottles
    • 1 Frisbee disk suitable for consistent 40’ throws
    • 4 cigars of equal length and girth
Plum the horseshoe stakes and slide the PVC pipes over them (or level the ground when using traffic cones). Then place the bottles on the top of the PVC pipes (the bottom of the bottle needs to be level and at close to or exactly the same height as the other bottle). Teammates stand on the same side of the “court” and the two teams play “catch”. The goal is to throw the frisbee at the pole or bottle and get it to fall resulting in 2 points for your team. The throwing team also gets one point when a catchable throw is dropped by the catching team. Knocking the bottle down and a dropped disk would result in three points for the throwing team.  The catching team may block the opponents from scoring by catching the bottle before it hits the ground and by catching the disk. During all plays all players must have a lit cigar in their hand and make ALL plays with the unoccupied hand. Hands may be switched between plays, which is prior to any throw, but not during the disk’s flight to the pole or bottle. Catching a throw with 2 hands results in the loss of one point for the catching team. If at any time a player’s cigar goes out or falls to the ground the other team wins by default. The game is played to 21 and sides are switched after the first team reaches 11 points…the winning team must win by at least 2 points.
Ash Tag
Ash tag is a side game played between the players on the same team. As your ash gets to flicking length (a half-inch or more), and while you are waiting for the other team to run down the last bad throw, you yell “ASH TAG!” and flick your ash on your team-mate. One point is awarded for each direct hit. The results of ash tag and Cigar Horse shoes creates a hierarchy placing the players in a 1st-4th place. When played for money everyone “buys in” for $5 The 1st place person gets $10, 2nd gets his money back, 3rd, $3, and 4th $2.
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