Support your local tobacconist and always remember the 10 Cigar Commandments – Miguel M. Schoedel

Cigar retailers are not perfect and can and should certainly improve their game.  Growing, improving and evolving with better customer service to make the experience better and always improving should be their goal and are too many.  But some believe the customer also has room for improvement.  Below is some simple steps called “The 10 Cigar Commandments” and may be simple but often forgotten.     


  1. Thou shout not bring cigars purchased from online or other stores to another cigar shop. Only cigar purchased from said shop to be smoked in said shop.
  2. Thou shout not brag about the brand you smoke, how much your cigar cost or how rare it is. Nobody likes a cigar snob.
  3. Thou shall not mistreat a cigar. Your cigar probably unraveled because you cut it improperly…or burns crooked because you lit it wrong. When all else fails ask for help.
  4. Thou shall not abuse a cigar. It is not ok to buy a double corona and cut it in half. Putting out your cigar to save it for tomorrow is considered ignorant.
  5. Thou shall store cigars properly. Buy a humidor or rent a locker at a cigar shop. Respect the hard work that goes into these hand rolled products.
  6. Thou shall not bitch about prices on cigars. Every state has different tobacco taxes, every shop has a different mark up- If you do not like it find another place to buy your cigars.
  7. Thou shall not be rude about smoking a cigar. We cigar smokers are respectable tax paying people. You represent all of us while in public.
  8. Thou shall not go to a cigar event expecting a free cigar. You cannot afford one you shouldn’t have gone to the event. If you do receive a free cigar or enjoy free refreshments buy something. No one likes a mooch.
  9. Thou shall not be fooled by ‘fake’ cigars. Those Cubans you bought on your cruise for $50 bucks were fake, do not go around bragging about them. People are laughing behind your back.
  10. Always have an extra cigar on hand. You never know when you may run in to a brother of the leaf that needs a cigar in a pinch. You may make a new friend.

I am sure more can be added and should, but this can certainly get you started to become the best customer you can be.

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