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Edgar Hoil Team Up With Casa Turrent

The success of OSOK Cigars has been bolstered by rave reviews of industry critics and patrons alike, but this did little to satisfy its founder Edgar Hoill. Happy, but not content, Mr. Hoill fell in love with the industry but had an unwavering desire to gain a deeper appreciation behind the process. “The growth of ‘boutique’ cigars has been incredible, but I wanted to up the game and the only way to do so was […]

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Cigar Review | OSOK Desmadroso

If you were to run into Edgar Hoil the last thing you would think is that he was a cigar maker, or a photographer, in fact you might wonder if he was a gang-banger frown South Central Los Angeles. Once you get to know him, you realize this critically acclaimed urban photographer has a story to tell though his art that carries over to his cigars. The One Shot One Kill (OSOK) is a partnership […]

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