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Year Of The Sheep

Review | Davidoff Year of the Sheep

Over the last three years Davidoff has released a cigar inspired by the Chinese Zodiac. In 2012 it was the Year of the Horse and last year it was followed up with Year of the Snake. This year Davidoff introduced Year of the Sheep at the Davidoff Mandalay Bay on November 8th, and the cigars have begun to ship to retailers packaged in eight-count boxes, and only 3,000 boxes to the U.S. According to the Chinese Zodiac […]

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News | Davidoff Year Of The Sheep Accessories

Davidoff’s anticipated release celebrating The Chinese Year of the Sheep is due to hit cigar stores any day now, and accompanying them will be some high-end accessories that are simply stunning. The Davidoff Year of the Sheep Ashtray was designed by Chinese designer Chen Jiang and is made of porcelain. The surface is tested and tapered reminiscent of the horns of sheep. It is an imposing piece appealing to the generous personality of the Sheep […]

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News | Davidoff Year Of The Sheep

Over the last couple of years, Davidoff has turned to Asian astrology and this year is no different as  the Davidoff Year of the Sheep is set to hit the shelves next month. According to Davidoff, “As people rejoice in the dawn of a New Year, no one will look on with more contentment than the Sheep. To the Sheep, happiness is other people’s happiness. Generous of spirit, the Sheep loves to see their own […]

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