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IPCPR 2018 – Royal Agio Cigars

If there is one company that has increased its visibility in 2018 it is Royal Agio Cigars. As 2017 came to a close, the company took back its distribution from Drew Estate and opened there own US Headquarters in Bradenton, Florida. In 2018, they would hire former Drew Estate employee Zev Kaminetsky to serve as their National Sales Director. As we inched closed to IPCPR the company released details on a series of releases for national […]

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Zev From Royal Agio Joins Us & The Return of a Subculture Cigar!

He once worked for the company that distributed Royal Agio in the USA but went his separate way. Shortly there after he wound up with Royal Agio who now handles their own sales and distribution. Zev Kaminetsky fills us in on this company as we smoke the Balmoral from the June Care Package. In the second hour we announce the return of a Subculture Cigar from Drew Estate that is meant to be shared with […]

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