Testarosa Topaz Cigar Review

This past weekend we went through a list of cigars we enjoy by price point on the podcast. On our list was a cigar that many have not heard of, Tesarosa. According to the Cuba Rica website, “The” Red Head” is a full body cigar for those who seek the ultimate in strength and flavor. It’s wrapper, an Ecuadoran Habano – it’s oily sheen a precursor of the complex, flavor journey, to follow. The Testarosso binder and filler are left to one’s imagination. Just let it go – Testarosso will do the rest. Backed with understated power and elegance, the “Red Head” experience will be one of perfect balance, sweet undertones, and a hint of spice.”

Cigar: Cuba Rica Testarossa
Wrapper:  Ecuador Habano
Binder: Not Disclosed
Filler: Not Disclosed
Length: 5
Ring Gauge: 56
Size: Topaz (Robusto Extra)

The Look: The cigar features a foot ban which is a fail on a few levels because the word Testarosso is upside down, and the burning embers of the foot is actually a photoshopped brain to look like it is on fire. But the biggest fail is the fact that it hides the beautiful closed foot of the cigar. The Habano wrapper is sweating oils and is gorgeous looking, and the cigar is perfectly rolled. In the hand the 56 ring gauge cigar is hefty with no soft spots.

The Notes: The nose of the wrapper has a faint fig aroma with a hit of mocha. Once the cigar is clipped there is virtually no draw due to the closed foot, there is some hints of fig. The draw will change once the cigar is lit.

After a quick toasting of the foot, there is subtle spice and sweetness to the cigar. However the sweetness quickly fade and the notes of pepper pick up considerably through the nose. One the ash falls some sweetness returns and hints of leather.

The second third of the Testarossa sees the leather notes intensify and the notes of pepper remain constant until the halfway point where the subside some, although they still tingle the nostrils. Some of the sweetness returns with hints of cashews.

The last third so a return of some intense spices and a hint of mint that has wanting to drink a Mojito and to be honest that would be welcomes right now with the warmer weather and to perhaps reduce the spice. There is some nuts and leather on the finish as well.

The Finish: The Testarosa as I alluded to in the beginning is a cigar that many have not heard of. It’s made in Costa Rica, and there is a a fair amount of strength to the enjoyable cigar. The next time you want to try something you haven’t had before, try the Testarosa. It definitely isn’t the red-headed stepchild and it deserves to be a part of the family.

Score: 92
Price: $5.59 / $96.99

Testarosa Foot

Testarossa Foot

Testarosa Burn

Testarossa Burn

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