The Firecracker Corojo

Today we look at the regular production Firecracker that was part of The Cigar Authority care package. As has become customary we share a more in depth review of one of the cigars we smoked on the show, usually from the care package. On Monday we will be posting our review of the Mi Querida Firecracker.

Cigar: Firecracker
Wrapper: Corojo
Binder: Not Disclosed
Filler: Not Disclosed
Length: 3″
Filler: 50
Size: Firecracker

The Look: While the band of the cigar has some similarities to the Pepin version which featured a version of the blue label band, it is different enough to not be confused. The band of red, blue, gold denotes “The Firecracker”. The cigar which has visible oils has a partially closed foot and a fuse (long pigtail) from the cap.

The Notes: The cold draw of The Firecracker Corojo has notes of earth while to the foot of the cigar is earthy with a slight spice. Due to the small stature of the cigar, we won’t break this down into thirds.

Once the cigar is lit there is some spice through the nose, and earthy components right off the bad. As the cigar progresses there are elements of coffee and nuts along with some cedar. While none of the notes stand out above the other they are balanced enough to create a balanced smoke.

Moving in the second half of the cigar the strength kicks it up a notch with an abundance of pepper notes on both the palate and through the nose. The spice notes create a red pepper feeling especially on the roof of the mouth. It reminds me of when you put too many of the flakes on a pizza. As you adjust to the spicy kick the cigar finishes with notes of cedar that are moderate in length.

The Finish: The Firecracker for the price is a cigar worth trying out a 5 pack in my opinion and at the price it might even be worthy of a box purchase to keep around for when the time to smoke is short. The cigar is a beast with its spicy notes that grow in intensity to a mouth-watering conclusions. Yes, it is not the Don Pepin Garcia version of the cigar, but had that cigar never been produced, it is my opinion that this cigar would stand on its own and solidify David Garofalo as an innovator in an industry of copy cats.

Score: 90
Price: $4.99 / $106.99



The Firecracker Foot

The Firecracker Foot

The Firecracker Burn

The Firecracker Burn


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