They are getting Bigger and BIGGER for better or worse!

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all – Legendaro, a cigar brand from the makers of Camacho, an affordable Honduran cigar has gone even bigger.  A mammoth 8 inch behemoth with a 60 ring is set to hit the shelves…maybe it’s time to extend the humidors folks.   The price tag on this 4 hour smoke is a lot less than you might think.  It sells for less than $2 per hour of enjoyment, now there’s a new way to sell cigars…per hour.  It’s just $7.50 for the new size called SUPER BERTHA.  

This will be another one of those “you’re going to have to tell me what it smokes like cause I’m not doing it” cigars.  I’ve had the Legendaro line before, and I find it pleasant to smoke, but 4 hours of any good thing (that’s right any good thing) is too much for me.  I don’t want to do anything for 4 hours straight except sleep. 

Is bigger – Better?  Is an 8” giant cigar a good idea?  It’s time for the consumers to vote with their wallet and my guess is that there are enough people who feel that a giant cigar is a good value, regardless how stupid they might look smoking it.

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