WE HAVE A WINNER of our 1st Back of the Band Contest!

Congratulations to Larry VanDeventer from New Hampshire who answered all “The Back of the Bands” correctly, Twenty-seven out of Twenty-seven…a perfect score!  Larry is a true “Cigar Authority”! 

Thank you to all the folks who participated, I was shocked how close some of you got and how good you are, this was not an easy line-up, but it was Larry and Larry alone who got them all.  So for Larry, with our complements is a priceless box of Tatuaje M-80 cigars.

Here are the correct answers and a visual as we have turned the cigars around to reveal the fronts. (Simply click on the picture to get a close-up of the bands).

  1. Cuvee Grand 2010
  2. Fleur de la Reine
  3. Ashton VSG
  4. Canimao
  5. Camacho
  6. Davidoff Puro Dominicano
  7. La Gianna Havana
  8. Pura Sangre
  9. Natural by Drew Estates
  10. Perdomo Lot 23
  11. Alec Bradley Prensado
  12. Curivari
  13. Kristoff Kristania
  14. My Father Le Bijou
  15. Tabak Especial
  16. E.P. Carrillo
  17. Camacho Triple Maduro
  18. Rock-A-Feller
  19. Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon
  20. Diamond Crown Julius Caeser
  21. Hammer + Sickle Moscow City
  22. Davidoff Puro de Oro
  23. C & C Connecticut
  24. Garofalo
  25. Padron
  26. CLE
  27. Avo la Trompeta

Keep checking in at www.TheCigarAuthority.com for more contests, more blogs and more cigar stuff.   Be sure to catch our syndicated radio program either “LIVE” each Saturday at noon (Eastern Time) or via podcast from our site or on I-Tunes.  As always – Thanks for listening! WE ARE THE CIGAR AUTHORITY

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