Your local tobacconist is aging cigars for you

This week finds this DJ turned Brick and Mortar Tobacconist routing through his shoppe’s inventory rearranging boxes and shelves. All was normal until I got to the bottom shelf of humidor #2 where I stumbled across a hidden gem that had been sitting in perfect humidity, aging, untouched by anyone for the past 4 years.

The Escencia 2008 was a great cigar in ’08, in fact it was given the dubious distinction of “The Cigar of the Year” that very year. Known in its day as a flavor packed power house of medium bodied cedary goodness, this woodsy smoke really pops now with the original notes of cedar and boasts a thick coating of chard oak. There are hints of vanilla that creep in between puffs. With 1,100 open boxes in my store it makes me wonder what other hidden gems may hiding for me to find in the next couple weeks.

Because the cigars are kept in stogie heaven they age as they should. The only draw back that I can see is demand. Once our customers find out that we have this batch of Escencia from ’08 they will undoubtabley sell out quickly. If you are near Seabrook, NH you owe it to yourself to swing by and try one…if not, you owe it to the cigar smoking world to go on a mission of your own and dig around in your local Brick and Mortar’s bottom and back shelves to see what they have buried deep in the abyss of a humidor rack long forgotten.

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