Bandolero Tremendos Cigar Review

Today we review the Bandolero Tremendos which is part of The Cigar Authority care package for the month of December. As has become customary we offer a full review after the show concludes. The cigar is made in Costa Rica by Nelson Alfonso’s Selected Tobacco and the story goes as, “Cigar history has followed a difficult path between crime and pleasure. Demonized on arrival to Europe, in which latter tobacco trade was monopolized. During a century, between 1717 & 1817, the Spanish Crown prohibited cigar production in the Caribbean Islands & the rest of the American Colonies, and although its precious leaves continued growing on the other side of the ocean, the “puro” cigar rolling that we all know today, could only be done at the Sevilla Royal Factory, supplying an even more demanding market in the world. But such absurd prerogative led to the rising prices of tobacco and of course the birth of the Bandolero, an intrepid figure that hid on mysterious roads with tobacco leaves & rolled in other countries, led to an excellent price and authenticity combination, dressed with the charm of what was then forbidden.The Bandolero today know the secrets of those mystic Bandoleros old routes, from places where tobacco plantation still a long tradition, thru countries where wise hands shaped them, until its final destination, where a cigar expert recognizes its aroma and flavor – the quality of a unique product.

Cigar Review: Bandolero Tremendos
Wrapper: Not Disclosed
Binder: Not Disclosed
Filler: Not Disclosed
Length: 5″
Ring Gauge: 50
Size: Robusto

The Look: Bandolero cigars come in a gorgeous looking (and functional) metal humidor jar.  The artwork on the jars vary by vitola, but all depict detailed black and white images of the Bandolero story. On the mahogany colored upper lid, there is a humidification element that you can fill with a propylene glycol solution to keep your cigars stored properly. The Bandolero Tremendos is packaged with 30 cigars that feature a black, silver, gold, wood-grain, white and red band. The wrapper is flawless and perfectly rolled with a silk like feel under the fingers.

The Notes: The cold draw offers sweet tobacco notes, leather and a touch of espresso while the aroma off the foot serves up raisins with a touch of molasses. It’s an interesting contrast to have both ends of the cigar offer up such a different experience. Once we toast and light the cigar the first taste is a sweet caramel component.

Moving into the first third of the Bandolero from Selected Tobacco there are notes of caramel, figs with some pepper on the finish of the cigar. As you smoke the cigar slower, the pepper components slide into the background becoming less dominant on the finish.

As the first third came to a close and continuing into the second third the cigar develop notes of cedar and earth with a subtle espresso on the finish. Through the nose on the retrohale the cigar there is some pepper and molasses creating another contrast.

As the cigar concludes there is notes of pepper, mocha and a subtle fig. The finish of the cigar is long and leathery while the retrohale of the cigar serves up continued pepper and molasses.

The Finish: Bandolero is probably the fullest body offering from Nelson Alfonso and Selected Tobacco. It doesn’t get as much exposure as Atabey and Bryon which are a step above. While the blend is secret, this would definitely be enjoyed by those who love what Nicaragua has to offer. It’s rich, complex and offers a fair amount of spice. It’s definitely a nice entry and edition to the company and worthy of adding to your humidor.

Rating: 95
Price: $11.99 / $305.99 (Jar of 30)



Bandolero Tremendos Foot

Bandolero Tremendos Foot

Bandolero Tremendos Burn

Bandolero Tremendos Burn