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ADVentura La Llarona

ADVentura La Llarona Cigar Review

ADVentura La Llarona Corona draws inspiration from the haunting tale of La Llorona, a vengeful spirit whose presence evokes both fear and fascination. As one delves into this cigar, they embark on a journey akin to encountering the enigmatic specter herself. Wrapped in a San Andres wrapper, the cigar presents itself with a captivating allure. Its tan hue, coupled with an oily sheen, hints at the complexity that lies within. Adorned with thick veins and […]

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Jose Dominguez Maduro

Jose Dominguez Maduro Grande Cigar Review

Jose Dominguez Maduro, a distinguished blend crafted with a Mexican San Andres wrapper, an Indonesian Sumatra binder, and a harmonious fusion of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers. Available in five sizes the Jose Dominguez Maduro showcases quality tobacco at a great price point. The Jose Dominguez Maduro Grande presents itself with a luscious milk chocolate-colored wrapper, exhibiting a toothy texture with visible veins. Its construction is impeccable, firm to the touch, and adorned with a slight […]

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Montecristo 1935 Nicaragua

Montecristo 1935 Nicaragua No. 2 Cigar Review

The first Montecristo cigar was handcrafted in 1935 using a signature blend of tobaccos, which remains the standard by which the brand still lives up to today. Now, 85 years later, Rafael Nodal and award-winning tobacco powerhouse AJ Fernandez have crafted the Montecristo 1935 Anniversary Nicaragua. This precise and exquisite proprietary blend of aged tobaccos pays homage to the original tobaccos used in the first Montecristo cigar.  The Montecristo 1935 No. 2 presents itself as […]

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Padron Family Reserve No. 96

Padron Family Reserve Natural No. 96 Cigar Review

The Padron Family Reserve Natural No. 96 is an exceptional cigar with a blend that was originally exclusive to the Padrón family to commemorate special anniversary dates. Encased in beautifully crafted ten-count boxes, this individually handcrafted series boasts a remarkable blend aged for ten years, available in both sun-grown natural and maduro wrapper variations. The cigar exhibits a pleasing light brown color, characteristic of sun-grown tobacco, with a rough, bumpy texture and distinct veins. Its […]

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Montosa Natural Toro Cigar Review

The Montosa Natural Toro presents itself in a striking electric orange box, setting the stage for an intriguing experience. Adorned with an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper, this cigar boasts a light golden brown appearance, characteristic of its Connecticut lineage. The construction is commendable, with tight seams and a more matte finish than an oily sheen. Upon lighting up, the first third of the Montosa Natural Toro delights the palate with a medley of flavors. Sweetness […]

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Mi Querida Triqui Traca 648 Cigar Review

The Mi Querida Triqui Traca 648 is a captivating blend that takes its name from the local Nicaraguan term for oversized firecrackers, and true to its name, it explodes with flavor from start to finish. The Mi Querida Triqui Traca 648 presents itself as a stout, densely packed cigar with a dark brown sugar hue. Its surface carries a slight oily sheen and reveals prominent veins, indicating its robust construction. Upon ignition, the Triqui Traca […]

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Toscano Il moro

Toscano IL Moro 2022 L’Aria Cigar Review – Mr. J

Toscano IL Moro 2022 L’ARIA is a majestic embodiment of maturation, where intensity meets refinement in a gust of flavor. This edition, like a strong wind, sweeps you away with its depth and harmony. From the first puff to the last, it’s an experience that leaves a lasting impression. The Toscano Il Moro 2022 L’ARIA presents itself as a formidable cigar, almost black in hue, with a firm and even texture. Its chunky veins and […]

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Big Papi Toro

Big Papi Toro Cigar Review

In homage to the illustrious career of Baseball Legend David Ortiz, the Big Papi Toro by Artista Cigars commemorates his legacy with every puff. Adorned with a silhouette of Ortiz pointing to the heavens, paying tribute to his beloved mother, this cigar encapsulates the essence of a sporting icon. The Big Papi Toro presents itself in a rich chocolate brown hue, its wrapper boasting a subtle sheen that catches the eye. Smooth yet discernible seams […]

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YAYA Robusto

YAYA Robusto Cigar Review

The YAYA Robusto, crafted at the esteemed Magia Cubana factory, pays homage to the revered deity of the Caribbean and the cherished memories of Carlos Guillermos’ grandmother, affectionately known as YAYA. With an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and Dominican fillers, this cigar promises a journey rich in elegance and subtleties. The YAYA Robusto presents itself with a light brown Colorado Clara wrapper, boasting a smooth texture with slight toothiness. Its well-packed construction and oily wrapper hint […]

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Perdomo 30th Anniversary Sun Grown

Perdomo 30th Anniversary Sun Grown Epicure Cigar Review

The Perdomo 30th Anniversary Sun Grown was released in late 2023 as a tribute to 30 years of Perdomo Cigars. Encased in an elegant 15-year-old bourbon barrel-aged Cuban-seed Nicaraguan Sun Grown wrapper, complemented by Cuban-seed Nicaraguan binders and fillers, this cigar promises a journey of nuanced tastes and aromatic delights. Upon first glance, the cigar boasts a seamless, silky milk chocolate-colored wrapper, softly packed into a soft box press, with a slight sheen that hints […]

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