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Aging Room Solera Sungrown Burn

Aging Room Solera Fantastico Sungrown Cigar Review

The story of Aging Room Solera sets it apart from cigars on the market as the aging process used for the tobacco in the Solera blend comes to use from the Sherry and Brandy methods used in Andalucia, Spain. In 2004, Rafael Nodal visited Spain with his wife in 2004 where he learned about the Solera aging system. The method of aging is a fractional blending process where the finished product is a mixture of ages. […]

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IPCPR 2017: Serino Cigar Company (The Lost Tapes)

In our second & last lost video from IPCPR 2017 we catch up with Carson from Serino Cigar Co where he tells up about Wayfarer and the inspiration behind it. We got to smoke one of each size when Carson was on The Cigar Authority with his dad and this cigar has become my most anticipated stick of the 2017 IPCPR trade show which concluded last week in Las Vegas. The cigar will initially be […]

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Padron 1964 Anniversary Principe Natural Cigar Review

Back in 2008, I referred to the Padron Principe as my favorite cigar and scored it 100. I said in actuality it was a 94-96 but since it was my absolute favorite it deserved a perfect score at the time. Earlier this year, I smoked the Atabey which was the first cigar to receive a 100 rating here at The Cigar Authority. According to Padron, “The Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series line was introduced in 1994 […]

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Maestro Del Tiempo 5712 Burn

Maestro Del Tiempo 5712 Cigar Review

Maestro Del Tiempo comes to us from Warped Cigars and it features 100% Aganorsa tobacco. What is Aganorsa tobacco? It is tobacco grown by Eduardo Fernandez in Nicaragua. Eduardo Fernandez is not to be confused with AJ Fernandez as they are two different people. Each year Eduardo Fernandez’s Aganorsa plants over 1,000 acres of tobacco, which is enough to make millions of cigars. Eduardo Fernandez worked with Jose Pepin Garcia of My Father Cigars where the two opened […]

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Eiroa The First 20 Years Foot

Eiroa First 20 Years Toro Maduro Cigar Review

This week on The Cigar Authority podcast we debuted the new Eiroa First 20 Years Colorado which is scheduled to be shipped on April 3rd. It is a cigar that I was really looking forward to, and having smoked it I can say that it met me expectations. Since we are a couple of weeks away from the release we decided to visit the Toro version of the First 20 Years Maduro from Christian Eiroa. […]

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Recluse Cigar To Release Recluse OTG Connececticut

Recluse Cigar Company announces the release of Recluse OTG Connecticut. The Recluse OTG Connecticut is an expansion of Recluse Cigar Companies original OTG Maduro blend which was the very first blend that was offered to the U.S. market. Scott Weeks, the companies President said, “The OTG blend was the blend that we hung our hat on from the beginning and it is part of the initial foundation that this company was built on.“‘ J.R. Dominguez, […]

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La Flor Dominicana TAA 48th First Impressions & Winner

Last year for the first time La Flor Dominicana offered 3 samples to TAA Retailers and they in turn got to vote which cigar would become the Limited Edition production for the TAA 47th. Retailers said how many they would order on each size and based upon those numbers a cigar was picked. This year La Flor Dominicana followed that same exact model with a new blend to create the La Flor Dominicana 48th. The […]

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Crowned Heads The Angel’s Anvil 2016 First Impressions

With Dave back from TAA; he came with a bunch of samples in tow all the way back from Puerto Vallarta where the Tobacconist Association of America held their annual meetings. During the course of this get together of the top 80 retailers in the country; manufacturers offer a specific release that is exclusive to these retailers which Two Guys Smoke Shop is part of. One of these releases is the 3rd Annual from Crowned […]

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