Podcast: Cigar School Plus With Slides

This is one episode you will want to catch on YouTube as David Garofalo takes us to school. It’s cigar smoking 101 taken to the next level complete with a slide show to help you better understand the science known as cigars. You won’t believe how many people get it wrong or how many myths in our passion of cigar smoking. We address them all and make you The Cigar Authority

We are joined live in studio by Perdomo Cigar Rep, Roy Kirby who lets us know whats new and exciting the world of Perdomo as we smoke two cigars made by Nick Perdomo… The Garofalo Connecticut and Sungrown.

We have cigar news, a story that not only insane, its Asylum and Chuck Morrison gets Debonaire.

Join us for the longest running cigar podcast on the internet today, The Cigar Authority

As always, you can find most of the cigars we talk about at www.2guyscigars.com

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