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The Tabernacle Corona Cigar Review

The Tabernacle is Foundation Cigar Company’s newest super premium cigar. It is a combination of tastes that calls on founder Nicholas Melillo’s roots in the Connecticut River Valley and his work with the finest artisanal tobacco batches in Nicaragua. The Tabernacle box tells the story of the cigar’s name. The artwork features an image of none other than Haile Selassie, 225th King of Abyssinia, whose lineage traces directly to King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. The […]

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MBombay To Release Gaaja

MBombay has announced that their latest cigar, Gaaja (Pronounced : Gaa-ya), will be released on July 1st, 2016. In Sanskrit language “Gaja” (Pronounced: guj ), means elephant. According to MBombay, they been working on the blend of Gaaja for more than 4 years. The process involved in logistics and long fermentation of tobacco from countries like Peru and Paraguay, really tested their patience. MBombay had to wait for 3 vintages of the Hybrid Connecticut wrapper leaf […]

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