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Sin Compromiso Selección Espada Estoque Cigar Review

According to Steve Saka, Sin Compromiso is the result of over three years’ of experimental black tobacco harvests in Mexico, Ecuador and Nicaragua and the culmination of Steve Saka’s experiences as a cigar blender. The marquee’s name translates to ‘no compromise’ and that is the exact approach he took when creating this cigar. This blend is a direct reflection of all the skills he has learned and developed over the last twenty plus years. Today we review the […]

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Puro Regadio Robusto Cigar Review

As has become customary at 2pm on Saturday we post a more in depth review of a cigar that was smoked on The Cigar Authority. This week we feature a cigar that was part of The Cigar Authority Care Package; Puro Regadio. It’s a cigar from a factory that is well known and to hear more about that, tune into the podcast where we light up the cigar about an hour into the show. Cigar […]

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Jose Dominguez Gordito Natural Cigar Review

If you listen to The Cigar Authority, and you should I am sure the jingle is already in your head. Just opening the box of these cigars cues up the Jose Dominguez commercial in my head. It also makes me want a donut, but that’s a story for another time. For those that don’t know Jose Dominguez was a former veterinarian who decided it was time to do something new. So he turned to cigars […]

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Camacho Liberty 2015

As much as Camacho has undergone a serious rebranding, the Camacho Liberty has remained on point with the original. With each cigar packed in an individually numbered coffin, and 20 count humidor style boxes the Liberty is for me the crown jewel of limited edition cigars right up there with another cigar that is due to arrive next week in terms of packaging. This year the Camacho Liberty 2015 is a Nicaraguan puro with a Corojo […]

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Review | Tortuga Reserva Cedro

Victor Vitale is a legend in New England. From his humble beginning with The Cigar Agency he has grown to brand owner of Ora Vivo and today’s review, Tortuga Reserva Cedro. According to their website, “Tortuga is [his] dedication to premium cigars. It defines everything [he] stands for in our industry and is a tribute to the art, culture and tradition of tobacco. After twenty years in the business [he] continues to discover more of […]

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