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Cabaiguan Guapos Cigar Review

It’s been a busy month or so for Pete Johnson’s Tatuaje with the release of the Black Label into regular production, and the 2016 TAA Release. As a result, The Cigar Authority listener and friend Shawn Rogers has been making his way through the Tatuaje catalog when he asked me what my favorite Tatuaje cigar is. The answer is Cabaiguan Guapos and to our surprise it is a cigar that I have not reviewed on […]

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Davidoff Limited Art Edition 2016

The second Limited Art Edition from Davidoff is a collaboration with French – Jamaican artist Olivia McGilchrist. “From many Sides” incorporates digitized renderings, an overlay and interweaving of moving images and sounds, which blends landscapes, cultures and people of the Caribbean region. Each box features a unique piece of art as each cover is exclusive from a series of 7,000. The beautifully handcrafted Perfect reveals the complexity and balance you would expect from Davidoff utilizing […]

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Tatuaje Hyde Monster Series #8 Cigar Review

Since 2008 there has been another certainty in life next to death and taxes, the October release of the Tatuaje Monster Series. What started with The Frank has continued for 8 years with the release of the Tatuaje Hyde. With the exception of the second release (The Drac, 1,300 Dress Boxes) each release has seen 666 Dress Boxes which contained 13 cigars, and a growing number of plain boxes which rose last year to 4,500 […]

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