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Kristoff 685 Woodland TAA Exclusive Cigar Review

For cigar geeks like myself, TAA Releases are like a Christmas gift come early. This year the first TAA I’ve smoked award goes to Kristoff Cigars with their release of 685 Woodland. The cigar shares its name with the home Glen Case lived in until the age of 21. Released only to members of the TAA this cigar might have a familiar sound to it and that is because back in 2013, the first ever […]

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The 22N / 83W Epicure No. 4 – Cigar Review

Every now and then I look for tasty smokes that I can buy boxes of without emptying my bank account. I’ve smoked cigars that cost me twenty-five cents each, all the way to a single that cost me $300 (which was an absolutely terrible call on my part, but I won’t get into that). I’m all over the board with this passion of mine, but if I’m looking for a stick I can light up […]

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