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Media | Davidoff Advisory Plus Whats Hot & Not

This week we take a look inside the Davidoff Advisory Board, where our own David Garofalo was this past week in Tampa, Florida. It’s been a busy couple of weeks on the show, and this week we smoke some of the newest cigars that have recently hit the shelves and discuss what is hot and what is not in the industry today. Also back producing is Chuck Morrison. Join us for all the madness on […]

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Media | Smoking Pi & Eating Pie With Cuba

While part of the show title this week seems like a bad Aerosmith Song, we will kick back and light up Pi on Pi Day, 3.1415. A limited edition cigar, available at We will also discuss the trip of a lifetime as David Garofalo returns from Cuba and tells us what gifts he brought back for us to smoke and we will find out how much rum he drank but more importantly what some […]

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