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Podcast: Talking Cuba with Colin Ganley – The After Show

Today, we have Colin Ganley joining us on The After Show. We talk to him about trips to cigar factories including Cuba. He updates us on how things are going in Cuba now. What has changed and where are things headed? The Cigar Authority is a member of the United Podcast Network and is recorded live in front of a studio audience at Studio 21 Podcast Cafe upstairs at Two Guys Smoke Shop in Salem, […]

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VODCast: The Real Story of Cohiba… As We Know It!

This week on The Cigar Authority broadcasting live from the Toscano Sound Stage in Salem, New Hampshire… Every cigar brand has a story, but no story is as controversial as the Cohiba story. Lawsuits, Prices, and The Most Ripped-Off Brand in History. We discuss Cohiba as we are joined by the guy that took Dave on his first trip to Cuba; former Chief Editor of Cigar Journal, Cigar Researcher, Author, and Owner of Twin Engine […]

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Media | Can David Go Back To Cuba – Colin Ganley Guests

A couple of months back David Garofalo visited Cuba and what he saw was shocking to him. So much so that he shared it in a series of articles that just didn’t sit will with fans of Cuban cigars. Now Colin has gone back with another tour to Cuba and we ask him what everyone wants to know, is David allowed back to Cuba. We also ask what is different this time around compared to […]

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Media | Colin Ganley of Cigar Tourism

This week Colin Ganley joins us live on The Cigar Authority. Mr. Ganley was the editor of Cigar Journal magazine and now makes his home in Nicaragua where he heads up Cigar Tourism and Twin Engine Coffee. We will talk to him about how you can travel to Cuba and about his coffee which he says goes perfect with a good cigar. We will also share with you the cigars that got the most likes […]

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