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VODCast: The Cigar Industry Prediction Show

This week on The Cigar Authority LIVE from the Toscano Cigar Sound Stage… It’s the Prediction Show! What will the Cigar World look like tomorrow or years from now?  Who will buy, merge, or go out of business?  We peer into the crystal ball and share with you what may or may not happen in one of our most popular episodes! In the first hour we will fire up the 2020 Cigar of the Year, Perdomo […]

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VODCast: Cigar Industry Prediction Show

Every year it is the most talked about and anticipated episode, the Cigar Industry Predictions show so grab your tinfoil hat and join in on the conspiracy happening within the cigar industry. Sure, some of it educated guesses along with some uneducated guesses but we find it fun and according to listener feedback you do too. It also happens to be Dos Hombres Day at  Two Guys Smoke Shop as they celebrate 30 years of […]

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Webcast: Gazing Into Our Crystal Ball With Hammer + Sickle Hermitage No. 1

It’s easily our most controversial episode of the year as we sit down and create some rumors, spread some rumors and tease you about who may be selling, who may be sold and what the future could hold for the Cigar Industry. To make things more interesting we will be joined by Eric Hanson of Hammer + Sickle where we will light up the Hermitage No. 1 and Sochi. But it doesn’t stop there as […]

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Podcast: The Cigar Industry 2018 A Look Into The Future

On this weeks episode of The Cigar Authority we break out the crystal ball and look into the future. With all the FDA regulations in place, consolidation is just a matter of time, or so we think. Who will buy whom, who will survive and who will fall? Tune in and find out and be the judge if we are off the rocker, or see if we are indeed clairvoyant… All this and more on […]

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Media | The Great Cigar Conspiracy

This week on The Cigar Authority we will be joined by Victor Vitale as we continue Round 2 of the Blind Taste Test. We will be smoking cigars 9 vs 10 and 11 vs 12. Plus we will see what is new with Mr. Vitale and his cigars. The real story is the FDA, and all the consolidation going on in the industry. This might be just what the big 4 want, and is there […]

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