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VODCast: What Was Our First Cigar?

We all remember our first kiss, our first love, but for some of us our first cigar trumps them all as it ignited a passion that would become our careers. In the first hour we begin the countdown to episode five hundred and look back at the cigars that were our first and the cigars that changed our lives as we smoke the Serino Maduro XX Belicoso from The Cigar Authority care package. It doesn’t […]

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What Cigars Do Celebrities Smoke?

It’s time for the Mr. Jonathan Free broadcast. This week we light up the AVO Syncro as we take a look at the controversial Cigar Aficionado cover featuring Nick Jonas. We weigh in on our thoughts and we take a look at other celebrities that smoke cigars on and off the camera. We also take a look at the movies and the characters who smoked on camera. In the second hour we light up the […]

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VODCast: Cigar Industry Prediction Show

It’s one of the most popular shows every year and we expect this year to be no different. It’s the Cigar Industry Prediction show. We see so many reps, sales managers and brand owners over the course of the year and we hear more then our fair share of rumors. Some of them can quickly be written off, but some of them might just hold some truth to them. This year we make our prediction […]

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Contest: Name The People

It’s #ThrowbackThursday and this week we have a picture from the archives of David Garofalo circa 1996 or 1997. There are three gentlemen pictured here and if you can name 2 of the three people we will send you a 3 pack of cigars plus a little swag. It shouldn’t be too difficult, if we wanted to make it overly difficult we would ask for the name of all three gentlemen. To enter leave a […]

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