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Why Did U.S. Customs Cut My Cigars in Half? – Editorial

Why Did U.S. Customs Cut My Cigars in Half? Another Editorial by David Garofalo Just 1 week ago, on August 8, 2016 the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) began its control over cigars with vague and overreaching regulations (known as the deeming regulations) that will undoubtedly find its way through the courts to see if any of this is not only Unconstitutional, but not at all reasonable. Beginning on August 8 and with the very […]

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US Customs & Border Protection Are Chopping Cigars In Half

Cigars are being destroyed at the Port of Miami and it appears that US Customs and Border Protection are behind it. Earlier this week a shipment from Davidoff reached a retailer in New Hampshire. The normal packing tape was replaced with green tape denoting US Customs and Border Protection. This tell tale sign showed evidence that the box of cigars was searched. Upon opening the box many of the cigar boxes inside were open and […]

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Several Companies Have Cigars Held At Customs Due to FDA

Yesterday word began to spread that several cigar companies were having a hard time getting product into the USA. Rumor spread that the FDA was prohibiting ¬†product into the USA at their point of entry. However, those rumors were only partially true. According to several customs brokers, many cigar companies were caught off guard when they were informed that there was an entry submission process that must be followed. The lack of knowledge highlights the […]

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