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Padron Damaso No. 17 Cigar Review

One of the most anticipated releases from 2015 IPCPR trade show in New Orleans was the Padron Damaso and since its release it has been among the most polarizing cigar amongst aficionados. Bloggers have rated the cigar from the mid 80’s to the low 90s which would be welcomed for any line, but this is Padron and the standard of excellence is higher. Now that the cigars have been out for a few months I […]

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Padron Damaso No. 15 Review

There were a few new releases at the trade show that were highly anticipated and at least two of them were Connecticut Shade wrappers which given the direction of new releases lately seems pretty rare. Today we look at one of those releases, Padron Damaso. According to the Padron website where Jose O. Padron writes, “THIS CIGAR was named for my grandfather Dámaso, who was the first Padrón to arrive in Cuba sometime in the […]

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Padron Damaso – IPCPR 2015

We caught up with Jorge Padron at the 2015 IPCPR to talk about the Padron Damaso. The cigar is being billed as milder but true to the cigar name. It will be available in four sizes: No 8 (5.5 x 46), No. 12 (5 x 50), No. 15 (6 x 52) and No. 17 (7 x 54) and is named after the grandfather of Orlando Padron.  

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It Looks Familiar – A David Garofalo Editorial

It Looks Familiar by David Garofalo Have you ever looked at something you never saw before and thought, WOW… that looks very familiar? Sure you have, we all have. People, places and even things. Even things like cigars might look familiar to you for some reason or another, and there might be a very good reason for it… maybe it was done on purpose. It might be a brand new cigar or a cigar you […]

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Padron Damaso Connecticut Coming At IPCPR

As we reported on The Cigar Authority Show back on May 2nd; the new Padron will be called Damaso and now official details are beginning to come to light all of which we previously reported. The round cigar is named after Damaso Padron who is the grandfather of Jose Padron, the founder of Padron who in 1890 left the Canary Islands and arrived in Cuba where he would eventually grow tobacco. The cigar will be […]

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