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Document Containing FDA Option 1 Leaked, Is It Valid? *UPDATE*

Last night the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association shared a message stating they had obtained a copy of the FDA Deeming Regulations as proposed to the OMB. Since that message from TVECA there have been conflicting reports to the validity of the document. The document which proposes Option 1 would be the worst possible news for the cigar industry and would put all brands that have come in to the marketplace after 2007 in jeopardy. This is […]

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The OMB Has The FDA Regulations In Hand, What Does It Mean?

Last night I must of fielded about 2 dozen text messages and at least that many private messages on Facebook asking what the FDA regulations are and what is the OMB. I’ll be honest with you a lot of the process is something I had to research and teach myself last night but here goes… We have known that the FDA was looking to regulate cigars, pipe tobacco, e-cigarettes, hookah and more since April of […]

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FDA Deeming Rules On Cigars Could Come Next Week

News is traveling among industry insiders that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) intends to deliver the final Deeming Rules to the White House Office of Management & Budget next week. The news comes from the Washington “rumor mill” which is abuzz with the topic today.  As a result some manufacturers have mentioned this via social media accounts and the CRA has emailed its corporate benefactors to alert them including the outline of their […]

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News | New Bill Would Change FDA Date

Since the TAA Convention last month we have heard rumblings that the FDA was close to  making a ruling on the deeming regulations that the cigar industry faces. Currently, the FDA has a date of February 15, 2007 for these regulations which would put many companies out of business. In short, cigars that came to the market before then would be given a free pass, while those after the date would have to apply to have […]

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News | The Countdown Has Begun

THE COUNDOWN HAS BEGUN… 28 days… 27 days… 26 days… 25 days  Our Days Numbered for the Cigar Industry as we know it?   The Cigar Authority has learned that the FDA has finalized their review of comments on Cigars and has made revisions to the proposed rule. The Deeming Regulations of Cigars has now been sent to the Department of Health and Human Services for further review before it is sent to White House […]

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