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Law | Pennsylvania To Ban Smoking In Your Car?

In Pennsylvania, a Democrat from Allegheny County named Dom Costa is sponsoring a bill that would make it illegal to smoke in the car if the children are 12 years or younger, thus allowing the government the right to choose how you raise your children. Wether you agree with this or not, one should take into consideration that America was built on the right to make choices, not on communism which the country seems headed […]

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News | Smoking In Cars Illegal In Taiwan

In Taiwan it will soon be illegal to smoke while driving on a busy road. A new amendment to the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act passed yesterday after its third reading in the Legislative Yuan. The new amendment will be enforced sometimeĀ in 2015 and carries a fine of NT$600 which translates into roughly USD$19.00. The way the new amendment is written you can be fined for lighting up, exhaling smoke, holding tobacco (cigar or […]

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