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Being a Baller With Rob Weiss & BG Meyer

Are you a Baller? Tune in with your Entourage as we welcome to the show Rob Weiss who is an actor, director, producer and writer for shows like Entourage and Ballers, not to mention the movie American Psycho. We’ll smoke the cigars he helped bring to market with Camacho in the best interview ever with Rob Weiss. In the first hour we will light up BG Meyer Standard Issue and in the second hour we […]

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B.G. Meyer Gigantes – Cigar Review

In 2014, The Cigar Authority announced the winner of our Cigar of the Year award. That cigar was the B.G. Meyer Standard Issue, a blend by Rob Weiss (whom you may know as the producer of TV shows such as Ballers and Entourage). After winning Cigar of the Year, he released a few more additions to the brand, the B.G. Meyer Slackers and today‚Äôs topic of discussion, the B.G. Meyer Gigantes. What am I smoking? […]

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