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Farmington, MO Citizens To Vote On Smoking Ban

For the past few months, Farmington, Missouri has debated a smoking ban with multiple public hearings and an ordinance that was read back in July. The City Council moved on Friday to put the final decision in the voters hands by a 5-3 vote. According to the Farmington Press, Councilman John Crouch voted against the band stating, “I don’t see why we need to be regulating a private property owner’s property rights with a city ordinance.” adding, “We make great […]

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Law | Farmington, MO To Have Vote On Smoking Ban

In Farmington, Missouri the voters will decide on a smoking ban instead of the City Council. However, the City Council will hold public hearings on the proposal starting on May 14th with a second meetings on June 11th. Both will take place at the council chambers in Long Memorial Hall. According to the City Administrator, the Farmington City Council went to great pains to get the Missouri legislature to change the rules allowing the city […]

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