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Illinois Retailers Now Need License To Sell Tobacco

The sale of tobacco in Illinois is illegal unless you have a license from the state. The new law requires all retailers selling any tobacco product to obtain a license from the state. The cost of which is $75.00. According to the state of Illinois, most of the fees collected will be used go after the sale of contraband tobacco. It also gives the state a way to punish those who sell to underage smokers.

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El Cerrito, CA Creates New Licenes and Restrictions on Tobacco

According to a report in the Daily Democrat, a licensing program for stores selling tobacco products was passed by the City Council in El Cerrito, California on Tuesday in addition to a ban on flavored tobacco. The new rules limit tobacco retailers from 1,000 feet of existing tobacco retailers and 500 feet from schools, recreation centers, parks and libraries. It also prohibits the sale of single cigars under $5.00. The new rules also prohibit self-serve […]

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Manhattan Beach, CA Poised To Extend Smoking Ban

The City Council of Manhattan Beach which banned smoking throughout the city┬álast year, is now looking to extend that ban. The new measures discussed this week would include a smoking ban in multi-family housing units and would regulate the sale of tobacco via retail licensing. The ordinance which will be voted on September 15, would ban smoking inside and outside of multi family housing that contains three units or more. The majority of the council […]

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Law | Danvers, MA Raises Smoking Age to 21

Another day and another Massachusetts city raises the tobacco purchase age. This time it is Danvers that saw the Board of Health raise the age from 18 to 21 in a unanimous vote. The city also banned the sale of tobacco at any health care facilities such as pharmacies. In addition all retailers wishing to sell tobacco must as for the ID of any buyers under the age of 27. Business wishing to sell tobacco […]

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