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VODCast: Fixing Lighters & #StrengthGate With Neanderthal SGP

This week The Cigar Authority looks at the science of cigar strength versus the size of the cigar. It’s been a hot topic on the show lately with Barry & David thinking smaller equals stronger. Mr. Jonathan has strongly disagreed and with David Garofalo in Miami he takes over the hosting and tells us why he is right. But is he? #StrengthGate is here! In the first hour we will light up the Neanderthal SGP […]

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GHOSTing Lighters – A Mr. Jonathan Editorial

A couple of weeks ago on The Cigar Authority Podcast, Mr. Jonathan explained lighter care. Since that show the amount of emails coming in requesting that information in an article/editorial format has been overwhelming. As a result, Mr. Jonathan has decided to give it to you as only he can… Lighters G.H.O.S.T. Gas Hang Oxygen Spark Timing GASĀ is the most common problem in three ways. The first is that it’s not turned up enough or […]

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