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Montpelier, VT Bans Smoking In Parks

The City Council of Montpelier, Vermont has voted to keep tobacco out of city parks. The measure which passed 4-2 will outlaw the use of tobacco in City Parks, fields and recreational spaces. Enforcement of the ordinance will be handled by the Montpelier Police Department. The City Council next year plans to address putting a ban of tobacco on the downtown areas.

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Law | Montpelier, VT Looks To Ban Smoking, Raise Age

This week the city council of Montpelier was addressed by a prevention specialist who is working toward a goal of making Montpelier’s parks and downtown smoke free. During the session Directors Ann Gilbert and Ginny Burley, the aforementioned┬áspecialists cited places that have similar bans such as Times Square in NYC and Boulder, Colorado. The measure has already been approved by the Parks Commission and city Manager William Fraser said he would write a suggested plan […]

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