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Abuelo Padre Cigar Review

In January of 2020, The Cigar Authority podcast send out a sample of a cigar to their care package members that was in consideration to become the new Abuelo cigar in the United Cigar Group portfolio. That cigar was met with overwhelming positive comments and the cigar went into production. Now shortly after our own David Garofalo became a grandfather, the cigar has reached the market. Abuelo means grandfather in Spanish and the Abuelo cigar […]

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Flor de Selva Unveils New Look

Maya Selva Cigars, U.S. is officially launching the newest branding evolution of their flagship brand, Flor de Selva, complete with an updated logo, cigar ring plus footer, and streamlined box beginning June 1st, 2016. The evolution comes as a culmination to the global success of the brand, in an effort to modernize the marketing elements and bring a higher level of sophistication to its familiar look. Twenty-one years of operation and expanding markets across the […]

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