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VODCast: Exploring the Rich History of Connecticut Tobacco With Nick R. Agua

When you think of cigar tobacco you think of Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua but there is a rich history of tobacco grown for cigars right here in the United States of America. Today we explore the Connecticut River Valley with Nicholas Melillo who has his company, Foundation Cigars based in The Constitution State. We will do this with one of the newest cigars in his portfolio the Tabernacle Havana Seed CT #142. Master […]

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The Changing “FACE” of the Cigar Industry – A David Garofalo Editorial

The Changing “FACE” of the Cigar Industry! The Faces of the Brands and the ones that could be changing another Editorial by David Garofalo We know a small business owner, as is in the cigar industry, must be a jack of all trades and one of the tools they should possess is being the face of their brand. Today even some of the huge corporations and brands have attempted to put faces and personalities to […]

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Foundation Cigars Hires Vice President

Foundation Cigar Company adds David Sather as Vice President David Sather has officially joined Foundation Cigar Company as vice president and will manage sales, marketing and distribution in both the United States and international markets. A true tobacco professional, Sather began in the industry in 2000 with Drew Estate Cigar Company in New York City. He began as one of the first salespeople in the company, eventually rising to inside sales director before departing in 2011. “Sather […]

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Melillo to Launch Foundation Cigar Company

Nicholas Melillo, also known as, “Master Blender Nick R Agua,” has formed Foundation Cigar Company of which he will be the president and CEO, as well as in charge of tobaccos and blending. The former vice president and director of tobacco and production at Drew Estate Cigar Company has lived in Esteli, Nicaragua, for the past twelve years and has created many top premium cigars that are on the market today. Melillo has blended ultra-premium […]

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