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Law | Smoking In Public In Nigeria Results In Jail Time

The global push to ban smoking continues with the┬áSenate in Nigeria passing the Tobacco Control Bill of 2015. While cigar smoking is virtually nonexistent in the African nation, it is worth noting that smoking in pubic will result in six months imprisonment. The Senate did acknowledge however that if tobacco regulation became excessive it would result in the closing of shops. The Senate went on to add that it wouldn’t stop people from smoking and […]

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Law: Ekiti, Nigeria Bans Public Smoking

The enjoyment of cigars is under fire on a global level, not just in the United States. As more and more places legalize pot, governments take aim at tobacco smokers, which in turn affects the cigar community. Ekitiri, Nigeria is home to 2.7 million people and is in western part of the country. It’s government is a dictatorship, and the country has begun the enforcement of a law prohibiting smoking in public places. The move […]

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