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Toscano Originale Cigar Review

Toscano Cigars first came to be in 1815, but had it not been for Christopher Columbus traveling to America in 1492 history may have written a different story. In 1868, the company was making 140 million cigars a year. The Originale was the first cigar made by Toscano but in 1970 the company stopped producing them when they abandoned hand rolled cigars. Fortunately in 1985, due to a strong response from consumers the company decided […]

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IPCPR 2018 – Toscano Cigars

Toscano Cigars which is distributed in the United States by Miami Cigar Company is the oldest brand in Italy. The company was founded in 1815 and today they make in excess of 90 million cigars. While the cigar is not what the American consumer thinks of when it thinks Premium Cigar, this hand-made cigar is definitely worthy of being called Premium. The company is introducing the Originale to the US Market this summer after a […]

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