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ONEOFF Corona Gorda Cigar Review

ONEOFF Cigars made there debut in 2002 and quickly obtained cult-like status. It was originally created by a retailer in Milan, Italy and made in limited quantities giving it a one-off appearance. Distribution was handled in the US from Massachuesetts by Paul Giacalone who happens to be a friend of The Cigar Authority. In¬†2018, the trademark was purchased by Dion Giolito, owner of Illusione Cigars.¬†According to Dion Giolito the blends of the cigar remain true […]

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Tatuaje Verocu No. 4 Burn

Tatuaje Verocu No. 4 Cigar Review

I’ve been in a serious funk lately when it comes to smoking cigars. I’ve had a hard time finding my comfort zone and it concerns me. You see I used to be that guy that chased everything new. Now with FDA Regulations in place nothing new has been coming out. Yes, some things have been sprinkled to the masses since August 8th, but they were all introduced prior to that point. So to me they […]

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