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Press Release: Atabey Black from Virtual to Smokeable

Atabey Black Ritos is coming to market in the latter half of 2023. After going through Selected Tobacco owner Nelson Alfonso’s five year aging process, the cigars are now ready to be enjoyed in United Cigar Lounges across the US. Launched as an NFT in 2021, Atabey Black Ritos was the first NFT cigar in the world, limited to 25 single cigar and 10 boxes as unique digital images. The Atabey Black Ritos NFT sales proceeds […]

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Atabey Ritos Cigar Review

The Atabey Ritos was a cigar that was only available in a 5 pack assortment until a year ago. While the other Atabey cigars come packaged in a beautiful jar, the Ritos takes on a more traditional look with a box that also serves as a humidor. The 30 count box features 29 naked cigars (no cello) and 1 cigar in the famous Atabey tube. The brainchild of Nelson Alfonso, Atabey is the goddess that […]

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Atabey Ritos by Nelson Alfonso – Cigar Review

Atabey. A cigar crafted by the brilliant mind of a man named Nelson Alfonso. Although the average consumer might not know who he is, Nelson is a legend in the Cuban cigar industry. He played and essential role behind brands such as the Cohiba Behike and even designed the humidors for Padron’s 50th Anniversary cigars. His specialty is visual design, but Nelson Alfonso also has a rich experience in tobacco blending, spending years working alongside […]

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Media | Catalina Wine Mixer – 5th Anniversary Show

This weekend marks the 5th anniversary of The Cigar Authority and we have a lot to talk about. Joining us will be Nick Perdomo via remote broadcast in the first half hour and in the second half hour we will be joined by long time listener and friend of The Cigar Authority, Rudy. We will debut the new Atabey Ritos and smoke a Perdomo Small Batch, All that more on this weeks episode… Next Episode: […]

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