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The Changing “FACE” of the Cigar Industry – A David Garofalo Editorial

The Changing “FACE” of the Cigar Industry! The Faces of the Brands and the ones that could be changing another Editorial by David Garofalo We know a small business owner, as is in the cigar industry, must be a jack of all trades and one of the tools they should possess is being the face of their brand. Today even some of the huge corporations and brands have attempted to put faces and personalities to […]

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El Primer Mundo To Celebrate 10 Years With New Cigar

10 Years, a decade. Not a long time in the grand scheme of life, but for a cigar company it is an accomplishment. That accomplishment has been reached by Sean Williams who launched El Primer Mundo a decade ago and this June the company will release a special 10th Anniversary cigar  that will be limited to only 100 shops nationwide. The 10th year Anniversary will be made at De Los Reyes in Santiago, Dominican Republic and feature […]

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