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Michigan Reintroduce Bill To Extend Cigar Tax Cap

Last year the Michigan Legislature voted to remove the expiration date that capped the cigar tax at 50 cents. The current date of October 31, 2021 was struck from the bill and it was expected that now former Republican Michigan Governor Rick Snyder would sign it into law. However, just days before leaving office he opted to veto the measure. This year Senate Bill No. 58 has been introduced by Jim Runestad (R-15) and co-sponsored […]

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Hawaii Lawmakers Propose Tax Cap on Cigars

A pair of bills have been introduced in the state of Hawaii that would limit the tax on cigars. The bills intoduced at the Hawaii State Legislature were in the House via HB 331 from Rep. Nadine K. Nakamura, (D-14) and in the Senate via SB 222 from Sen. Ronald D. Kouchi (D-8). The introduced bills would limit the tax on cigars to a 50 cent cap instead of the current 50% of the wholesale price. […]

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Nebraska Legislator Proposes Cigar Tax Cap

The state of Nebraska currently has a tobacco tax of 20% on “cigars, cheroots, and stogie.” However, that could change thanks to Sen. Justin Wayne (D-13/Omaha), who introduced a bill that would amend the current tax to a 50 cent cap. The bill has been assigned to the Committee on Finance and can be read below. LB429 on Scribd

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