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VODCast: Dave Reports on TPE 2022

This week on The Cigar Authority broadcasting live from the Toscano Sound Stage in Salem, New Hampshire… Dave returns from Las Vegas where he fills us in on the Tobacco Plus Expo… How has TPE grown? Who exhibited? Did he buy? In the first hour we smoke an artisan cigar as we catch up on the happenings in Vegas, plus 11 years ago today, Barry was a guest on The Cigar Authority for the first […]

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VODCast: First Cigar Trade Show Since The Pandemic

This week on The Cigar Authority Live from the Studio 21 Podcast Cafe, for over a year now, the pandemic has caused all trade shows to close, and Las Vegas has not allowed a trade show to happen until now.   TPE – The Tobacco Plus Expo just wrapped up and we will tell you how it went.    Also, there is an all-out war against flavored cigar… they could be banned.  How will that […]

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TPE 2020: Tobacco Business Awards – Did Dave Win?

Last night at the Tobacco Plus Expo the Tobacco Business awards were announced. The exclusive invite-only event took place at Club 101 at the Sahara in Las Vegas with almost 300 people in attendance. In the audience was our own David Garofalo who was nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year which we have the video announcement below. Other winners on the night included Carlo “Carlito” Fuente (Legacy Award), Arturo Fuente Hemingway Untold Story (Dominica Cigar […]

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Dave Reports From Tobacco Plus Expo 2020

The last couple years has seen the Tobacco Plus Expo grown exponentially especially with the premium cigar industry. With a lot of manufacturers dropping out of PCA the buzz around this show is even greater then in past years. Throughout the duration of the show we will be showcasing the differences between the two shows as well as a look at some new products debuting in Las Vegas. Here Dave checks in and shows how […]

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VODCast: We Prepare For Tobacco Plus Expo 2020

With all the controversy and separation in the cigar industry we prepare for the TPE – Tobacco Plus Expo 2020 where all parties in the tobacco world will unite. What is scheduled and what is not but will happen anyway… we’ll discuss today on The Cigar Authority. We will look at the players in the industry from giant corporations to small family businesses and from the manufacturers to the retailers. Who will be there and […]

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